Dance Galas

Thank you for joining us;  we always love being with you!

Save the SECOND SUNDAYS from July to October, 2018, for the Galas at The Dance Castle.


2019 Galas!

Time:   6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Place:  The Dance Castle, 23496 Gold Springs Dr., Columbia

Dates  &  Themes:

July 14:  tba

August 11:   tba

September 8:  tba

October 13:  tba



Donation:  $10 with your favorite dish to share  to help cover the band.  If you don’t feel like cooking, no problem – just contribute $20!

Family Pricing:  $20/family with food;  $40/family without food contribution.  (note:  “family” includes school-aged children)

AUGUST  &  OCTOBER PRICING:   due to the cost of the band, we’re going to need your help.

$15/person with a Buffet Contribution; $25/person without food contribution.

Family Pricing for August & October:  $30/family with Buffet Contribution; $50 without food contribution

We’ll have lots of food, teach a group dance, and enjoy your friendship while dancing  ballroom, latin, swing and country to Les’ Entertainment, Swing Gitane, Blues Box Bayou Band, and others.  Costumes and Theme Attire is always optional.  Please just come!



Memories . . . .

2018 Galas:

July 8th:  “Victorian Circus” with music by Les’ Entertainment.   Victorian performers had a wonderful evening, dancing under the stars.


August 12th:  “Night on the Bayou” with music by the Blues Box Bayou Band.    Dancers sure know how to have fun!

September 9th:  “Musicals”, a formal event, with music by Les Olson.    Live your character or just dress up and have fun!

October 14th:   “Night at the Haunted Mansion” with music by Swing Gitane,     1920’s spooky theme . . .  an eerie evening of dancing under the stars.

2017 Galas:

June 18th:  “West World” with music by Les’ Entertainment.    The “old” west with towns people, Cowboys, Sheriffs, Saloon Gals, Indians, artificial intelligence, scientists or whatever you want to come as!  PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE DUE TO WEATHER FORECAST


July 9th:  “It’s A Small World” with music by Les’ Entertainment.   Represent your heritage with your ethnic attire and food!


August 13th:  “Black & White Formal Ball” with music by Les’ Entertainment.   All the Ritz and Glitz! 


September 10th:  “Detectives and their Dames”, music by Swing Gitane.   1940’s who dunnit . . . . hmmm . . .


October 8th:  “Arabian Nights” music by Blues Box Bayou Band.   Probably a little bit boho and part gypsy too!


2016 Galas:

May 8th:  Honky Tonk (Country Western) with music by Greg Brown:  canceled due to rain

June 12th:  Jungle Safari with music by Les’ Entertainment

July 10th:  Strollin’ through the ’50’s with music by Les’ Entertainment

August 14th:  You’ve got Talent!, talent show (or not!) with music by Les’ Entertainment

September 11th:  Downton Abbey, our Formal Night with a 20’s flair!   with music by Swing Gitane

October 9th:  Renaissance, with music by the Blues Box Bayou Band

2015 Galas:

May 10th:   Cowboys and Indians; music by Greg Brown

June 14th:  Greeks and Romans; music by Greg Brown

July 12th:  Fabulous 40’s; music by Swing Gitane  (extra charge)

August 9th:  Circus;  music by Les Olson of Les’ Entertainment

September 13:  Elegant;  music by Les Olson of Les’ Entertainment

October 11th:  Pirates; music by Blues Box Bayou Band   (extra charge)

2014 Galas:

June 8:  Super Heros and Super Villians  (make up your own!)  Music by Greg Brown and his Music Express

July 13:  ’50’s Night;  music by Les’ Entertainment

August 10:  Gangsters & Flappers; music by Swing Gitane

September 14th:  “Elegant”; music by Les Olson

October 12th:  Knights & Maidens (Medieval); music by Blues Box Bayou Band


2013 Galas:

April 14:  Great Gatsby!   (gangsters & flappers)

May 12:  Once Upon a Time . . . .    (fairytales)


June 9:  Night in the Wild, Wild West   (Western Hoedown)


July 14:  Rock ‘N Roll   (Fab ’50’s)


August 11:  Woodstock  (Hippies and Flower Children)


September 8:  Red Carpet   (Elegant, Academy Award Style) 


October 13:  Masquerade Ball   (Costume and Elegance)

Special Poi Fire Dance show at 9 p.m.


More Photos:

I love the clips under the above heading, “Gala Videos”.  Many thanks to Heather for letting us relive this memorable event!  When the video ends, you will be re-directed back to YouTube, but just scroll down to the next video or “replay” the same video over and over!
Check out more photos on Heather’s facebook (if the link doesn’t work, just copy and paste into your browser):

15 Responses to Dance Galas

  1. Sherry pert-Burns says:

    Thanks for the info, hope to see you Aug 14 I have been down with back injury, feeling a little better. Sherry Pert-Burns

  2. I can’t wait untill the first dance gala of 2013. See you there………

  3. Janice Golder says:

    Hi Ilene & Jim, I just wanted to thank you so very much for your patience in the dance classes… I just loved them. I wanted to share this with you.
    I was out singing at the Pine Tree Lounge one night when a group of French people who were touring the USA on mototcycles came in to party. They were non-stop dancing with each other. It was so entertaining and great to watch them having so much fun. Then one gentleman asked me to dance. He started dancing the Eastern Swing and I actually could follow him. The whole time I am having fun dancing the Eastern Swing with him, I am also thinking “Thank you Ilene and Jim, Thank You Ilene and Jim for being so patient with me while taking your classes. So Thank you so very much. I really do appreciate it . Love, Janice

  4. Pauline Underwood says:

    The pictures and videos are awsome. Really am enjoying them….

  5. Pauline Underwood says:

    I had such a ggggreat time at the dance gala. I felt like a princess in my dress and boa…………..Thank you Jim and Ilene for doing these for your group. I know I look forward every month to attending and it is the highlight of my month…………………………..Pauline

  6. Jean says:

    Dear Ilene and Jim,

    What great teachers you are! We all look pretty impressive in the July Dinner/Dance
    Photo. We have enjoyed your galas so much. Thank you both for all that you do for
    us. Loved your Mexican Buffet…bravo on all the dishes you prepared!

    Jean 🙂

    • Ilene says:

      Hi Jean! I’m so glad you will be joining us again. We are going to do the Waltz Mixer on Sunday in our beautiful gowns; it’ll be magnificent! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  7. Colleen Dolan says:

    Thank you Ilene. Looking forward to dancing the night away. We will bring an apple pie.

  8. Ilene says:

    The evening will be beautiful, elegant and romantic! Weather will be perfect and the moon almost full. The main menu will be: pork tenderloin, grilled prawns and a baked potato bar. Please bring side dishes, salads, appetizers or desserts! YUM!

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